Get It Done: Prepping For Fall

August is here and – as depressing as it may sound – fall is just around the corner. Although we have quite a few weeks before it really cools down, now is the time to start planning out your fall wardrobe. Your first step: To deal with mending and altering.

Yes, I realize it can be hard to look at heavy cashmere sweaters and cozy wool coats in 90o temps, but starting to organize your fall and winter wardrobe this month will save you money and time in the long run. So what do you need to do? Go through every piece in your cold weather lineup and decide if an item is A) worth keeping (toss it if it looks haggard, worn-out or you haven’t put it on in the last year) or B) if it needs cleaning or repair. Then, put cleaning in one pile and repairs in another. Repairs should include items like sewing buttons back onto coats and jackets, having closet essentials - like a pencil skirt or trouser pant - taken in or out, and having moth-eaten knits rewoven if possible (Tip: If you don’t know where to take a sweater to be rewoven, ask a high-end boutique in your city).

If you can’t afford to do everything at once, gradually go through both piles to get everything taken care of by the time the end of September rolls around. Remember: Deal with these items now while you don’t have the need to wear them. If it gets rainy or cold where you live earlier in the season rather than later, get transitional items like raincoats and mid-weight wool pieces dealt with first. Taking care of these closet basics means that your fall wardrobe will be clean and ready when you need it.