Fall’s Funky Weather & How To Dress For It

It’s nearly November and the weather is still in the mid-70s here! As much as I love the warm temps, they're wrecking chaos on allergies and wardrobes alike. What do you wear when it’s supposed to be sweater weather and it’s warm enough to still be in sandals? If you’re having a tough time putting yourself together before you leave the house in the morning, here are five suggestions to help you out:

  • Lightweight fabrics win the day. If you’re trying to wear that new -2 or -3 ply cashmere sweater you just bought, you’re going to be sweating by lunchtime. Instead, stick to lightweight knits and cottons to keep you from overheating.
  • Master the art of layering. I may be stating the obvious, but layering can easily look sloppy or bulky. The key to getting it right is proportion; what you want to achieve is a long, fluid line. When in doubt, keep your look monochromatic.
  • Invest in a great tailored jacket. Cool – but not frigid - mornings and evenings mean a jacket can double as a polished outerwear piece. Choose a shape that works with your wardrobe: If you’re more classic, go with a single-breasted style, while fashion-forward types can experiment with boyfriend and unconstructed shapes.
  • Make skirts and dresses a regular part of your closet rotation. Not having to worry about keeping your legs warm means you can wear either one -  sans tights - without worrying about freezing.
  • Pick up a statement pair of mules. Mules have made a comeback in a big way over the last year and women are discovering just how versatile this shoe really is. For the kind of weather we’re currently experiencing, the closed-toe mule is perfection; no socks or stockings required and yet they look season appropriate. They’re particularly fab with cropped pant styles, so pick a color other than black.