Why It’s Time To Stop Wearing Your Yoga Gear All Day

I don't have anything against the athleisure trend, but one of the most perplexing looks I see is the full–on yoga/workout outfit as casual wear. You know what I’m talking about: Yoga pants or leggings, usually paired with a basic, boring workout top and some uninspiring hoodie. Top it off with a certain luxury brand’s logo tote (I won’t name names), and this looks becomes straight up tacky.

When done right, athleisure is a modern, relevant style (Y3 set the standard in this category when it launched 15 years ago), and there are attractive, easy to transform athletic pieces. But in order for them to work outside the gym, you need to create a hi-lo fashion mix to elevate your look and make it more personal. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Tops: Sleek, monochrome tops like the long line bra by Vie Activewear or Live The Process’s Corset Leotard can serve as foundation pieces for nearly any look. If your torso isn't exactly fit or you want to avoid any flashes of skin (inappropriate for your office), cover up with a chic cardigan (Vince) or sleeveless vest (Y3).

Y3 Fall 2015 – 16 Menswear show, Paris, courtesy of Dominique Charriau / Getty Images

Y3 Fall 2015 – 16 Menswear show, Paris, courtesy of Dominique Charriau / Getty Images

Sweatshirts: These can easily look sloppy, so make sure yours is in pristine condition. Go for something with some visual interest, like this longer-in-the-back version by Lucas Hugh or Monreal London’s colorblocked one. A great-looking sweatshirt can be worn with everything from midi-skirts to straight-leg pants.

Leggings: Skip the tired moto-inspired versions and opt for a matte (APCOV) or liquid look (Carbon 38 or Suki Shufu). To cover your bum, opt for oversized knits and outerwear jackets; one of Spencer Vladimir’s textured, statement sweaters would do nicely or splurge on Acne’s Alston tech coat.

Track Pants: I like the fashion options best, because they offer the athletic look with better fabrics and a flattering cut (see Ann Demeulemeester and Stella McCartney). Otherwise, choose one with a slim fitting leg; it’ll make it easier to mix styles. To keep your look polished and pulled together, top them off with an impeccably tailored jacket (like one by Blazé Milano).