I’m an experienced creative with a 360o view of the fashion industry. As a multi-dimensional professional, my experiences have given me the skills to succeed as a stylist, editor, writer, and luxury goods consultant for merchandising, sales associate training and women’s collection buying. My unique set of skills means I can assimilate a variety of fashion trend, retail and media information, and guide brands to a clear point of view on their product line, visual presentation and business strategy. 


The first step with a new business is always the most important one: Defining the product offering. That’s because there are so many questions to answer: How big is the collection? Is it RTW, accessories or both? Are we doing all accessory categories or just one or two? How do we build the collection(s)? What should be the price points? Where do you want it to be distributed? It’s about crystallizing all of this information and looking at the business as a whole; then deciding on a direction with the clear eye of an editor and setting the tone. 


To me, distilling a brand down to its essence and helping to create a vision for it both aesthetically and strategically is the heart of a successful fashion business. Working with me means you’ll get an individualized business strategy that will bring your work to the highest-level possible.