Industry Issues: Fashion & Music Subcultures

I love music. It’s been a huge influence on my life and work.

It’s why I was interested to come across an article by Tish Weinstock on about the role music subcultures have played in forming youth identity, including dress codes. In it, Weinstock points out that music used to have a huge influence over what tribe one decided to become a part of (Ska, Punk, Goth, etc.) and how you dressed. But technology has changed things; now all kinds of music are easily available (great), as well as acceptable (not so great), which means nothing is underground or subversive anymore.

If you grew up during the 1980s and 90s like I did, you'll totally identify with this story. I was obsessed with watching MTV as a tween (back when it was just music videos), finding out as much as I could about all the bands I saw and buying their latest album. That's what really drove my interest in fashion - the bands and music I was into and how they wanted to express themselves through their look.